Joseph Steven And Associates - Joseph Steven & Associates Socks Coks

Washington, District Of Columbia 6 comments
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Here are some of the complaints and

real phone numbers, etc. for these azzholes!

Call them up and harass them!

The jerks are so ignrant and need to be given the

same treatment they give others...*** you JSA!

If you get put on hold tell the receptionist she is a ***, and that shee needs to stop talking like an

ignorant drop-out!

Tell whover they transfer you to to suck a fat kok!

If they hang up on you call them back and waste

their time, the same way they waste others time...oy!

Review about: Collections.


Sha Tin, Hong Kong, Hong Kong #263819

I paid these people $8700.00 in 2007 to collect on a judgement and they did nothing but lie and evade.and i believe did not even attempt recovery of any part

of this judgement.there scammers that have since moved from ventura county im told L.A.

and shut down there web site.they are reportedly owned by David M Hynes as are rumson bolling & associated,CII (commercial investigations inc.),forensic case management services inc.forensic forwarder,and possibly others. I have a contract that states if they collect no money I get mine back.but I have not recieved any thing except lies and deceptions.

im hoping some one knows some information that might help me pursue these people and my money.:upset :upset

Cossayuna, New York, United States #246129

818 655 2441

Doing a story PLEASE CALL ME PRONTO if you're in LA

Schorndorf, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany #24001 it's all a huge scam!!!

jsa and cii are the same company, in the past if you called them the wait music is the same, also if you signed up for joseph steven and associates, and nothing was done, they would sign you up under cii and charge you both amounts, to start!

they give you the run-around and you never get your $$ thing they do is send you the absolutly bare minimum to keep you still interested then ask you for a payment to continue to go after the people who owe you money

Williamson, Georgia, United States #20667

I got ripped off from these people also. I wish I could program a computer to keep calling them and repeating the same *** they give me.

Beringovskiy, Chukot, Russian Federation #12577

There are many reports on here and concerning these "companies" that are all the same one.Contact your local News Company and get this out to the media.

I was too ripped off.

We will get this to the media outlets.Questions about this bogus scheme will be answered.

Philomath, Oregon, United States #7927

You are the man!

They deserve this soooo mch!

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Joseph Steven And Associates - How can I stop the calls?!?!?!

North Las Vegas, Nevada 1 comment

Ok.This is the first time I have ever blogged.

Why? Because these bastards won't stop harrasing my business. I have never had any debts, nor hired any collection agency. Somehow, they got hold of our number and call at least 3 times a week asking for the "manager or comptroller".

The first time, of course, the call lasted about 2 minutes as I tried to figure out what it was they wanted. After figuring out their motive, I very kindly declined and asked not to be contacted by them any more. This worked for about a day. The next day, I get a lady calling me from the same place to "follow up" on the information they provided me.

I told her of my previous conversation, and, before I could finish my sentence, Click! Hung up. Nice. Since then, and it has been months, we keep getting tons of calls from them, each one more rude than the last.

I even tried to go through the BBB (better business bureau), and even they were ignored. If that's not shady, I don't know what is. Let's see if the others investigating this company can do something about it.

I sure hope they do.


Ennis, Montana, United States #4728

Have them put you on a Do Not Call list.Be nice to them first to get their exact company name, address, city/state/zip, phone number and person you spoke with and then tell them to put you on this list.

If they call again, keep record of date and time and then contact your attorney general in your state and fill out a form.If it continues you can sue them.

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